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There's not much here at the moment, other than my very crap html :-)
There's an old picture of my cyclocross bike CrossLight when new... when it was brand new, before it was battered by several seasons of learning to race, over there on the right of the page ----->
Update: 25-APR-2013 Make that multiple seasons of racing. I hope I can get back to it after a lot of injury problems in last two years...

There are some pictures of the Cervelo RS demo bike that I had for a few days last summer in summer 2008. It was a very nice ride, although the double with 11-23 cassette was a little too highly geared for me at the time. And probably now, to be honest, even though I'm much fitter and lighter than I was then. It seems that spinning a bottom gear of 39x25 suits me best rather than 39x23. I just need that slightly smaller gear to keep the cadence up, despite the minimal difference between those gears.

There are also some pictures of my old mountain bike - a 2006 Giant XTC SX before a hole was mysteriously punched in the downtube near the bottom bracket. There are also some pictures of the replacement steed, a Kinesis Maxlight XCpro2 that was built up with most of the parts from the old Giant. Unfortunately Kinesis have removed the XCpro2 pages from their website but it's replacement, the XCpro3, looks very nice and now I'm tempted... :-)
The parts that have now changed are the bars, stem, forks and pedals. I've also ditched the heavy Kenda tyres that were on this bike for something that was a little more suitable.
Update: 13-Dec-12 last year I swapped out the original wheels, Mavic rims on Shimano Deore hubs for some Stan's rims laced to Hope Pro II hubs and have been running Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres mainly, given the recent weather. So far, very pleased with the setup, but I really need to ride it more!
Update: 03-May-13 it seems that I've blown a seal on the front fork. Seeing as it's never been serviced in the time I've had the fork on the bike, it's probably due some TLC. The bike shop beckons...
Update: 21-May-13 and the bike shop delivered! GA Cycles did an excellent job of servicing my RockShox Reba forks, uncluding rebuilding the Motion Control cartridge. It seems to be performing more or less like new! :-)

There might be some more info on the new, exciting cycling page!
Update: 09-Oct-14 annoyingly Kinesis have removed the XCpro3 page from the website but the Maxlight line is still going strong and there is an interesting looking 29er frame in Titanium in the range now.

Day walk 2009 I've moved the gallery now to SDF's very own community gallery This is still very much a work in progress. Hopefully I'll add some more over the next few months. There's a few other photos around like this picture on the left from Christmas Day 2009.

Here's a list of bands that I've see live over the years. There's also a regex guide that I took a copy of for reference in case it disappeared.

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